F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Question


What kind of services do I have access to?

Student at the McEwen School of Architecture all have access to Health Services under the student association (SGA, AEF & GSA).

If you are under SGA, Please visit the Health Plan provided by SGA.

If you are under AEF, Please visit the Health Plan of AEF.

If you are a Master student, visit the GSA's Health Plan.

Students also have access to a U Pass connected with your student card!

You have questions? Visit the V-Desk where you will have access to all the informations you need!


What is LASA?

The Laurentian Architecture Student Association (LASA) is the official representation of all undergraduate architecture student of the McEwen School of Architecture. If you are enrolled in the B.A.S (Bachelor of Architectural Studies) at Laurentian University, you are a member of LASA. The LASA Council is the governing body of LASA and is comprised of 15 members, all undergraduates students. 

What about graduate students?

The Graduate Architecture Students are not represented within LASA. A new position has been establish to have a Master Student Representative be part of the association to act as a liaison between the McEween School of Architecture Master's student body and LASA/AÉAL. The representative will have the opportunity to voice opinions and concerns on behalf of the McEwen Master's Student, but shall have no voting authority. LASA parent organisation is SGA and has to represent undergraduate student only. 

Who are we?

The LASA Council is comprised of 4 Executive Council Representatives (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) & 11 representatives (MediaCoordinator, Tech Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Junior Events Coordinator, First Year Representative, Second Year Representative, Third Year Representative, Fourth Year Representative, French Cultural Representative, as well as the Indigenous Cultural Representative.)

What do we do?

Besides organizing events and fun activities, LASA  acts as a liaison between the professors, staff and administration of the McEwen School of Architecture and the undergraduate student body. LASA also works to connect architecture students together with the larger creative and architecture community of Sudbury.

LASA Constitution

To find out more about the LASA AÉAL's structure and different positions click here to view the constitution