3/5 Welcome Blog - Choosing a place to live

Looking for a Place to Live, from Apartments on and off campus.

Living at Laurentian University Residences and Federated University Residences are fantastic because you get to enjoy all the benefits of living away from home without the stress of living on your own.

A Residence life experience will let you meet other first year students outside of your (soon to be) architecture family. On campus keeps you in the know of important fun activities happening all over campus from Concerts and intramurals to residence parties and games.

Living on Res. puts you minuets from your elective classes which occur 2 – 4x a week as well as walking distance from all you can eat food at the great hall and amazing student services from health care to security.

Residence Options

Single Student Residence (SSR)

This is our largest residence on campus, housing 387 students in single and double rooms, apartment style.

  • 2 singles, 2 Doubles, A kitchenette and living room, 2 toilets, 1 shower and a storage room

  • Double door System, Keys to your apartment and bedroom for better privacy and security.

University College (UC)

This is a dormitory style, 240 persons building that houses students in single and double rooms.

  • Doubles and Singles, a common kitchenette, a common living room, common washroom 4 stalls and 4 showers.

  • Open concept of a dormitory makes it easier to get to know everyone on your floor and neighbouring floors.


Thorneloe Living

Thorneloe living is quite cozy. Everyone there is like a family and always have each others backs! The residence has about 50 single rooms, 2 common bathrooms per floor and a common space to chill, play pool, air hockey and watch TV. The best part is the newly renovated kitchen on each floor which is said to have the best kitchen out of all the residences.


Huntington Residence

Huntington specializes in Gerontology and Communication studies, but the residence is open to all students. It is plit into 4 sections, each housing about 24 female and 24 male students on opposite sides of the floor. Rooms are dorm style so there is a common kitchen and lounge area for students to watch TV. For each year you live in Huntington you're given a point, these points can be combined with your friends to get larger rooms or to get your own room in the end of year room draw. If you live in Huntington once, you're guaranteed residence in Huntington the following year

Living Downtown on Architecture Campus

After the fun of first year its exciting to move closer to studio because you now that’s where the real party is happening. Being in walking distance to the school allows you to stay at studio longer without the hassle of Sudbury commuting on evenings and weekends. A grocery store is within 500m of the school as well as Rexall and Shoppers for quick milk runs. When you don’t want to cook all the best restaurants are located downtown as well all the best bars are located right here as well.


LASA has decided to provide a preliminary list of popular places where students are living in the downtown Sudbury & surroundings.