4/5 Welcome Blog - Whose Hungry, Discussing Meal Plans

                   Whose Hungry,                       Discussing Meal Plans

At Laurentian University, there are lots of options when it comes to food.  

First Year Guaranteed Residences*

Single Student Res. (SSR) – Meal Plan Req. / Apartment Kitchenette Included

University College (UC) – Meal Plan Req. / Common (shared) Kitchen – No fridge included.

Upper Year Residences

West – Meal Plan Req. / Apartment Kitchenette Included

East – Meal Plan Req. / Apartment Kitchenette Included

Mature Student Res. (MSR) – Meal Plan optional / Apartment Kitchenette Included

Federated University Residences

Huntington. – Meal Plan optional / Common (shared) Kitchen

Thornloe – Meal Plan optional / Common (shared) Kitchen

Lucien Matte Res – Meal Plan optional / Common (shared) Kitchen


The Meal Plans at Laurentian have two parts

  • Meals to be used at the Great Hall

  • Flex Dollars to be used around campus ie. Tim’s / Starbucks / Toppers Pizza / LUL Bistro

Meal plan


Tips and Tricks

As an architecture student, you’re on-campus hours are reduced then most of your fellow classmates so choosing the right meal plan is important so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

  • The great hall is your buffet style dinning so your entrance fee is what is considered a meal. You can stay inside as long as you like and eat how ever much you want for one meal, one entrance. So, during your off days Wed and Thursday You could technically stay in the great hall for Breakfast + Lunch + dinner = one Meal

  • Your Flex dollars are perfect for grabbing something quick before heading downtown. Use your meal plan money at the campus Tim Hortons then buying something at the downtown Tim Hortons.

  • If you live in SSR you have a kitchenette in your apartment so you are able to enjoy cooking your self when you come home late from studio and the great hall is closed.


Studio classes begin at 2pm so you are lucky to enjoy lunch on campus before coming downtown for class. On Fridays, however when there is a morning lecture 10-1pm and Studio at 2pm your best option is to treat yourself to one of downtown’s finest eateries and support our local businesses and family.

Tower Café – Soups and Sandwiches

Korner Kaffee – Breakfast Shop

Kuppajo Espresso Bar – Coffee and Treats

Canton Chinese Food – Chinese Food

Tea and Bloom – Tea and treats

Cairo Cafe – Egyptian Food

Peppi Panini – Italian Food (Hot and Cold Panini Sandwiches and Pasta

Rosy’s corner – Mexican Food

Taco Sol – Mexican Food

Ti Amo Café – Italian Pasteries and Crepes

La Casa Mexicana – Mexican Food

The Motley Kitchen – Incubator Kitchen


Fast Food Options

Pizza Pizza / Smokes Poutinerie / Tim Hortons / Subway / Pita Pit / A&W